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Pembroke Housing Authority accepts applications for public housing assistance each Wednesday beginning at 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. No appointment is necessary. Interested applicants may print our housing application or come by and see our staff at 606 Lumbee Street in Pembroke, North Carolina.

Below is a list of information that you should bring with you (if applicable) at the time your application is taken by the PHA.


1. Employment Income - For every member of your family who works, bring the following information:

a. Name, address, telephone number of the employer
b. Current rate of regular pay and overtime pay and the number of hours per week normally worked (three current pay stubs)
c. Information about any changes you expect in your pay or the number of hours worked during the next twelve months
d. Other types of income you expect to receive from employment, such as tips, commissions, profit-sharing programs, etc

2. Benefit and Support Income - If any member of your family receives any of the following types of income, bring name, address and telephone number of the source of the income, and information about the amount received:

a.Unemployment Compensation
b.Social Security
c.Supplemental Social Security (SS, SSI, SSD, etc...)
e.Disability Income
f. Alimony
g.Child Support
h.Welfare or other public assistance
i. Regular support from family members or friends

3. Amounts in Savings and Checking Accounts (including Christmas Clubs, Certificates of Deposit, IRA and Keogh Accounts) - Bring the account number for all accounts and the balance in your accounts.

4. Real Estate You Own - Bring information about the current value of the property. If you own property and rent it, bring the address of the property and information about how much income you receive and what expenses you have for the property. (Bring last year's Schedule E from your income tax forms.)

5. Stocks, Bonds, Trusts, Other Investments - Bring account numbers, statements on value of investments and information about income from investments.

6. Life Insurance Policies - Bring name of company and policy numbers.

7. Other Income - For any other type of income your family has, bring the name, address and telephone number of the source of the income and information about the amount of the income.

8. If you have sold or given away any assets in the past two years (such as giving property or an amount of money to another family member), please bring the information about those assets.


1. All family members, including head of household, must provide birth certificates and social security cards. (We will not process an application without these items.)

2. If applicable, you must bring custody agreement, adoption papers, or other proof that the children are members of this household.

3. Full-time Students - If any family members are 18 years of age or older and still attending school full time, bring information about where they go to school.

4. Handicap or Disability - If any member of your family is handicapped or disabled, bring information about any income the member receives because of his/her handicap or disability.

5. All family members age 18 and older are required to be present at the application interview to sign the necessary forms.

6. The Authority will conduct a criminal records background check for those household members 16 years old and up.


Bring information about any of the following expenses you expect to have during the next twelve months.

1. Medical expenses not covered by insurance (elderly or disabled only).

2. Medical insurance premiums or amounts deducted from your pay for medical insurance (elderly or disabled only).

3. Child care expenses to care for your children while you work or go to school.

4. Expenses to care for a handicapped or disabled family member while you work.


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